Customize Grammar and Style Settings


Most writers use a software program to check spelling, but many are not familiar with all of the helpful grammar and style settings available to them. However, just as a writer should not rely solely on computer software to check spelling in a document, the same applies to grammar and style settings. It is always necessary to proofread the document.

Writers do not have to limit themselves to checking only grammar as they type a document and can take advantage of Word to check both grammar and style. To activate the Word Options feature, follow these steps:

The default setting is usually grammar, so change the setting, if necessary, to grammar and style. Now the program checks spelling, grammar, and style as the writer types.

The next step is to modify the specific grammar and style settings for the document by choosing how to detect punctuation, grammar, and style errors. Future articles in this series will examine the settings available and suggest appropriate ones based on common errors made in writing.


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