How to Hire a Grant Writer


Grant writers work for organizations on one of two bases: as an employee or a consultant.

When hiring a grant writer, organizations will want to review the applicant’s resume for grant writing experience and speak with references. Generally, those who have been in the field the longest are also the most successful. Organizations seeking to hire a grant writer may want to seek the following information from grant writing candidates:

  • What kind of grants has the individual prepared? Government grant writing is more extensive than foundation proposal writing. Has the applicant written one or both types of grant proposals? Ask to see samples of written documents, including grant requests, prepared by the job applicant to evaluate the individual’s writing skills. Examine the materials to determine the individual’s style of writing, use of proper grammar, content quality, and creativity.
  • How many grant proposals has the individual written or contributed to the preparation? What was the job applicant’s role in preparing the document? This will clue in the organization to the applicant’s ability to lead or work with a team in preparing a grant proposal.
  • What kind of feedback did the individual receive about the grants? Note: It is as important to know why grant requests were approved or denied since so many factors in the approval process are beyond the control of a grant writer.
  • Does the job applicant have an educational background or background experience in the organization’s area of need (counseling, healthcare, juvenile justice, elementary or collegiate education)? Effective grant writers also have program experience.
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