New Registration Process for Federal Grants

The General Services Administration (GSA) is changing the process for organizations to register with the government to apply for federal grants. Through July 24, 2012, applicants registered information with the CCR- Central Contract Registration. Beginning July 30, 2012, applicants will register via a new system, SAM- System for Award Management.

In an earlier announcement, the GSA described the benefits of converting to the new system:

“SAM will reduce the burden on those seeking to do business with the government. Vendors will be able to log into one system to manage their entity information in one record, with one expiration date, through one streamlined business process. Federal agencies will be able to look in one place for entity pre-award information. Everyone will have fewer passwords to remember and see the benefits of data reuse as information is entered into SAM once and reused throughout the system.

For contractors, assistance award recipients, and others who register in CCR:

One login! With SAM, one user ID and password will provide access to all the capabilities associated with:

  • Registering to do business with the government
  • Representing/self-certifying as a small business
  • Viewing business opportunities

One process! SAM integrates registration with representations and certifications to create a simplified, streamlined process.

One reporting location!
“SAM keeps all data in one place, so users enter it only once.”


The GSA will implement the System for Award Management in phases:

Phase 1 includes Central Contractor Registration (CCR), Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA), and the Excluded Parties List System (EPLS)

Future Phases include Federal Business Opportunities (FBO), Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA), Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS), Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) Sub-award Reporting System (FSRS), Wage Determinations Online (WDOL), Federal Procurement Data System – Next Generation (FPDSNG), and Past Performance and Information Retrieval System (PPIRS.)

If your organization is already registered with CCR, you will need to create an account in SAM. To do so, you will need to know the email address and user name from your organization’s CCR account. If you were in the process of registering with CCR during the conversion process, the GSA announced that your information is being moved to SAM, and you can complete your registration in the new system when it goes live. If you do not have a CCR account, you will have to create an account in SAM.

If your CCR registration expires between July 16, 2012 and October 15, 2012, it will be extended by 90 days. The GSA announcement (see website above) indicates you “will receive notification from CCR when your expiration date is extended. You will then receive standard email reminders to update your record based on this new expiration date. Those future e-mail notifications will come from SAM.”

For more information about the new system, please visit

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