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What better way is there to learn about or improve grant writing than by reading other grants to get new program and writing ideas?

Members are encouraged to post comments about the proposals and seek feedback from other Members to help them strengthen and improve their proposal writing. will review foundation and government proposals as they are received and select new ones to post on the web site each month. As we build the archive we will organize and categorize the submitted proposals in this section to create a user-friendly searchable databse.

You can read and comment on the latest proposals below

Project eClinicCare

Summary: Mt. Carmel Health Service is requesting $240,000 from the XYZ Foundation for Project eClinicCare to develop an ambulatory electronic health record system.  The Project will transition the current paper-based patient record system to an electronic health record system within twelve medical clinics, enabling information to be shared among health care providers serving the Central Appalachia Lake Region ...

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Equine Therapy for Youth

Summary: The Colorado Equine Therapy Institute is requesting $50,000 from the GO Foundation to develop an equine therapy program for juvenile offenders, high risk youth, and students in grades 8-12 in Boulder County School District. This equine self awareness program, called Equine Therapy for Youth ...

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Summary: The Oregon Central Coast Services for the Mentally Ill (OCCSMI) is requesting $20,000 from the Townsend Foundation to update one of the most valuable components of its services, the volunteer Call-Us Help-Line. Since Call-Us was begun in 1965, its volunteers have been the heart of this organization ...

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