Webinar: Federal Grants 101

Are you interested in learning the basics of federal grants and federal grant writing? Log in with AFI Systems (www.afisystems.com) and listen to the webinar presentation of Glenda O’Neal, administrator, Grant-Writing-Proposals.com, titled “Federal Grants 101.” The 90-minute program is available in the GrantNavigator Community Section of the AFI Systems’ website @ http://grantnavigator.afisystems.com/login.

The webinar presents some basic principles to educate individuals who are new to federal grants but also includes a few finer points that experienced grant writers and administrators may find of interest.

The webinar content will help organizations and grant writers answer the question, “Should I apply for a grant?” by exploring these questions:

  1. How closely do your organizational goals and approach align with those of the federal grant program?
  2. Do you have the time and resources that it takes to prepare a grant application?
  3. Can you submit the same grant project to other grant makers?
  4. What is the likelihood the grant will be approved for funding?
  5. How will the grant strengthen your organization and the community?
  6. Does your organization have the capacity to administer a federal grant?

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